To discover the existence of Petroleum in a certain area we use the Seismic Exploration, also known as Seismic Acquisition.

The Seismic Acquisition allows us to identify and quantify a Country’s potential on mineral resources helping the Mining Industry development and Energy optimization. In the specific case of the Oil Industry, it helps to maintain the longevity of the oil fields and therefore the continuity of the operations.

In order to perform the seismic acquisition, we need a very strong sound source, a very sensitive receiver, and an instrument to measure the time of the sound reflection, as per the image below: 

There are two methods to apply the seismic acquisition:


In partnership with  Sonangol EP and Sonangol P&P, Somoil SA has been conducting a 2D and 3D Seismic Acquisition Campaign on the FS and FST Associations, since 2015, to obtain a more up-to-date seismic data, with the purpose to:

  • Improve the structural image of oil fields in production and adjacent areas;
  • Look for possible additional potential within development areas;
  • Quantify and update the remaining reserves;
  • Be a contributor of reference in the national oil production.

The initial Seismic Program,  900 Km of 2D Seismic and 106 Km² of 3D Seismic, was conceived to include five distinct phases of registration, being as phases 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (map below).

Due financial reasons, the seismic acquisition program was modified to three phases only, by agreement between the geophysical company and Somoil SA (we have included na illustrative map below).

               Photo 1 – 5 Acquisition Phases                                               Photo 2 – 3 Acquisition Phases

The two first phases were recorded in 2015 and 2016 respectively, and the third has been negotiated to be carried out in 2017, according to the following general frame:

Registration Area Year
2D FS and  FST Associations 2015
3D Cabeça da Cobra 2016
2D FST north area 2017
3D Quinguila 2017

Finally, the foreseen activities of the Seismic Survey Program are divided in the following actions:

  • It is under analysis the technical and commercial proposal recently received for the execution of the third and final phase of the program;
  • The 2D / 3D Seismic Interpretation Analysis in Luanda, whose preparations began in November 2016;
  • Seismic Interpretation Project planning, on which highlights the activity concerning the invitation of potential service providers to submit work proposals.