Welcome to our website.

We at Somoil take great pride in being the first private Angolan company to operate in the Exploration & Production of the Angolan Oil & Gas sector, which is our primary area of operations.

We wish to be of reference by successfully honoring our commitments with our shareholders, partners  and with the communities where we develop the majority activities to guarantee, ensure and continue to gain their unconditional trust.

As a company, we continue to promote and strive for excellence and innovation to follow the industry’s growth and development, while aiming to successfully achieve high performance standards and surpass all of our challenges to meet our goals set out in our Vision and Values.

With more than 15 years of existence as a company, and regardless of our operations in concessions made up of brownfields, we will continue to look for ways to successfully increase production and productivity, without compromising efficiency, the environment and safety, while continuing to value our most important asset, our workforce.

At Somoil SA, we believe that “challenges will be met and success will be achieved if we continue to focus on what is essential…..”

The Board